Friday, October 13, 2017

The Art of Love, Life, and Living

Yo yo yo, so some of you might know that I used to write this blog called The Art of Dodging. If you’ve never heard of it, it basically gave light to some typical situations that guys have to deal with in regards to crazy women, while also making fun of some extraordinary situations that I’ve been in, sometimes just giving some friendly advice. The art of dodging women. Man, how my life has changed.

I’ve really been wanting to get back into blogging and writing in general. But it’s crazy how much easier it is for me to write about negative things than positive things. I’ve been trying to change that as well. I’ve been trying to see the better things in everyday rather than focusing on the negatives. Which is why I’m here, typing this, to give you the reason that I have grown so much within the past couple of years. So I’ve titled this blog, that will only ever have one post, The Art of Love, Life, and Living.

We often times give ourselves little credit. Thinking thoughts like “I’m about to turn 26 and I have nothing to show for it” while we compare ourselves to others our age that seem like they’re making so much progress. Mannnnn, even the people we’re comparing ourselves to are struggling and stressing, thinking the same thoughts. I feel like everyone our age, scratch that, everyone feels some type of anxiety. I’m rambling. My point is, look at the little things. Look at the people that you have affected or had some influence on. I think that’s something that no one looks at, those little wins. Helping one person can go a long way in your life. This all sounds really lame. But I’m saying this because this woman that I’m in love with has saved me every single day. I am extremely lucky. This is more of a letter addressed to anyone, just to talk about her.

Valerie, I appreciate every second that I’m with you. Even when we are fighting, I still love you, and sometimes even more. You’re patient and kind, you put up with my shit. You love food, and put up with the fact that we barely go out to eat because of our different diets. You know what I appreciate most? That sometimes you’ll ask me what the best part of my day is. It makes me find that one little thing to appreciate. Most of the times I’ll answer “you,” but that’s not a good enough answer although it’s true. On shitty days you make me find that one positive. This is textbook woke shit. It’s as if you’re an all knowing enlightened being, and I’m some peasant. You’ve helped me work on letting shit go, and it’s something that I’m still working on. But you have helped me come such a long way.

Love is dope y’all. Hold on to that person that shows you that there is a more positive way of living. This is the real key to happiness. I’m basically DJ Khaled now. I’ve got the keys y’all, just hang tight. Let me spread this wealth with you.

Waking up to a woman that loves you is top 5 greatest feelings, following brushing your teeth with your eyes closed (trust me, do that tonight. It’s like a massage for your teeth), and peeing after you’ve been holding it for 3 hours because you were busy and forgot you had to pee. You want to know how you know a woman loves you when you wake up? If she’s cool with you waking up early every single morning, getting so bored out of your mind that the only solution you can find is to wake her up. If she puts up with that every morning, it’s real love.

I am stoked as hell, by the way. Today is my wedding day, October 14, 2017. Every day with this woman has been incredible, even the days we fight I would not give them up. But this day today, will be the best day of my life. And it will without a doubt be because of you, Valerie.


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